Are you looking for someone to capture all the beautiful emotions during your wedding day?

I sometimes brag to friends how I have the best workplace in the world. Being immersed in love and joy during a wedding is a fantastic feeling. Every wedding is unique and I love capturing all the feelings during the day.

My goal is that you will always be able to look back and remember the actual feelings you felt during that beautiful day.

I generally stick to the concept of being "a fly on the wall" when I'm at a wedding. Meaning I try to not interfere as much - this way I can capture raw, authentic emotions. And you can enjoy and be fully present on your big day.

I filmed my first wedding in 2018, and I have continued doing so every year since. I love shooting weddings partly because of the challenge it poses but mainly because it's so much fun! As a filmmaker you have to be well versed in multiple disciplines to capture a wedding in its true glory, and I love that challenge.

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What packages do you offer?
Every wedding is unique - so I try to tailor my services to suit your day. However, my starting point is usually 12 hours and arriving whenever you feel is most suited.

How long is our film going to be?
You will receive two films. One longer film (~10min) documenting the day in a chronological order and one shorter (~3min) fast paced film with highlights from the day.
Speeches may be incorporated into the films, but will also be delivered separately.

Do you offer live-streaming?
As of 2020 im offering high quality live-streaming of the wedding ceremony for an added expense of 5 000 SEK (500 EUR).
Additionally, you will receive the full length video along side the other deliverables.

Do you travel for work?
Yes, I'm happy to travel and I've worked throughout all of Sweden and internationally. I currently live in Uppsala, Sweden.

How much does it cost?
My base-rate is 20 000 SEK* (2000 EUR) for 12 hours on location + 40 hours of editing. However, since every wedding is unique, the easiest way to know is to get in touch and I will send you a personal quote!

*Travel expenses may be added depending on location of the wedding.

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