My Wedding Filmmaking History

Out of nowhere

Getting my first wedding gigs were hugely coincidental. Early in the summer 2018 Erik, a friend, called me and asked what I was doing July 28th. He had double-booked himself and was wondering if I might be able to shoot a wedding.

At this point in time I had only been payed once for doing assistant work on a film set. The thought of being responsible for and being payed to film such an important day for someone else absolutely terrified me. But instead of backing down, I went all-in. I accepted and got in contact with the couple - Golnosh and Tord. After talking with Golnosh and Tord we collectively decided that I would shoot their wedding. I'm still forever grateful for both Erik's, Golnosh and Tord's faith in me as I had barely nothing to show for. Erik vouching for me is what got my foot in the door.

After accepting the gig, there were still around two months left until the wedding took place. So I decided to invest all of my savings (around 3500 eur) into new camera equipment. The remaining time leading up to the wedding I spent countless hours preparing and learning about how to film a wedding. Around this time, another photographer friend, Liisa, reached out to me and told me that a couple she was shooting photos for was looking for a filmmaker. She happily put me in touch with them and not long after it was decided that I was going to film their wedding too.

Suddenly, I had booked two wedding gigs out of nowhere.

Camilla & Mathias

Camilla and Mathias married 21th of July, 2018 in Uppsala.

The ceremony was held in Trädkyrkan Berthåga, a beautiful outdoor church with the sky as a ceiling.
The reception was held at Norrlands Nation in the middle of Uppsala.

It was a beautiful day, with slight rain showers in the morning - but just as the ceremony was scheduled to begin the skies cleared up and the sun appeared.

Liisa Eelsoo and Emelie Gustafson was hired as photographers.

Camilla and Mathias was delivered one film, and all of the speeches seperately.

Golnosh & Tord

Golnosh and Tord married 28th of July, 2018 in Gothenburg.

The ceremony and reception was held at Skansen Lejonet, an old bastion in the middle of Gothenburg, with views across the entire city.

It was a extremely hot day, with temperatures around 30 degrees celcius.
Natalie Greppi was hired as photographer.
Elin Mårtensson was hired as makeup artist.

Golnosh & Tord was delivered two films (and all speeches seperately). One shorter video, focusing on highlights from the day.

The second video is a bit longer and documents the day in a chronological order.

2019 and forward

After the summer of 2018 I started studying at film school, and kept myself busy until the summer of 2019. With the amazing experience of shooting my first weddings the year before, I decided to advertise myself on facebook and see if anyone else would hire me to shoot their weddings.

After posting in a facebook group about weddings I got a huge response from multiple couples interested in my services. I was quite shocked and wondered if maybe i had set my prices too low.. However, I didn't really care too much since I just wanted to shoot more and learn about making good films. That summer was the first summer I didn't have any other job other than my freelance business. I remember being extremely exhausted but insanely happy and fulfilled - actually paying my bills through filmmaking.

This summer I offered every couple the same deal. To deliver one video and speeches separately. I filmed a lot of weddings this summer, below is a couple of the videos which I've been allowed to share.

Jakob & Moa

Jakob & Moa married the 6th of July, 2019 in Skaftö.

The wedding took place in an idyllic small fishermans village on the west coast of Sweden.

Alicia Rosenqvist was hired as photographer.

Emma & Rikard

Emma & Rikard married the 20th of July, 2019 in Västerås.

A beautiful traditional wedding in the heart of Västerås.

Alona & Olle

Alona & Olle married the 3rd of August, 2019 in Sigtuna.

The wedding took place at Wenngarns Slott, a beautiful castle just outside of Stockholm.

Robert Johansson was hired as photographer.
Wedding by Moalee was hired as wedding planner.

2020 and the pandemic

Heading in to 2020 I was looking to work on even more weddings, but as the pandemic hit everything got cancelled or postponed. I used the time to work on some personal projects and enjoyed a longer vacation than normal.

As i'm writing this post it's currently 2021, and the pandemic is still ongoing. However, it feels like we can finally see a light at the end of the tunnel. Vaccines are getting deployed, and hopefully we can go back to normal life soon. Once it's safe to meet in big groups again, I very much look forward to be back documenting love and happiness. Hopefully, that day is not too far away now.

If you've read this far - thank you and I hope you enjoyed it!

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Fredrik Gustafson

Fredrik Gustafson