Lugnet Swimming Arena

Lugnet is one of Swedens most iconic sporting locations in Sweden. It hosts arenas for all kinds of sports. Maybe most famous for the ski jumping hill, which qualifies to host an olympic competition - the only one of its kind in Sweden.

The brief

During 2020, construction began to create an entire new swimming arena. LUFAB, the organisation responsible for most of Lugnets sporting facilities, including the swimming arena got in contact with us via the film school I attended. They needed promotional material which explained why the decision to build a new swimming arena was made. They also wanted to generate positive public opinion about the project.

The solution

We suggested to create short-form interview-style films designed for release in social media regarding different topics that the public might be interested in. To find out what people was curious about regarding the project we employed questionnaires directed to the residents nearby.

In parallell to the interview-style films we suggested to create video-portrait of one resident that frequently uses the facilites at Lugnet. We wanted to create a film that was more visually pleasing to create intrigue surrounding the project. This is the result of that film.

The project was a student production and the crew consisted of:

For a look further behind the scenes one can watch the video below. However, all content is in swedish.

Fredrik Gustafson

Fredrik Gustafson