Learning Cinema 4D

I've been sick the last week. I definetely didn't do anything productive the first couple of days. But as I got better I also grew a bit bored. When YouTube recommended me a showreel from Maxon's software Cinema 4D i quickly became intrigued.

Way before even going to film school, about 7 years ago, I tried to learn cinema 4D. I attended some courses but eventually dropped it all together. But this time, picking it up again, I realized how much I've learned the last 7 years. Without ever using the program, I had developed a far better understanding of it by having knowledge from filmmaking. Camera, color and lighting are just few examples.

This is the animation I ended up with. I follow a tutorial on www.cineversity.com which guided me through the process. As I went along most tools felt very familiar and it was easy for me to follow along.

However, as you might have noticed, the beginning of the animation is a bit wonky. This is because I experimented with the camera motion a bit. This part did not exist in the tutorial - but I feel I learn more if I experiment a bit and not follow tutorials too precisely.

And this is yet another example which I learned through experimentation! The animation looks wonky because the camera is moving through the glass material. This makes the view warp and look weird. Lesson learned. But also, that effect can be really cool and quite easy to make - now I have that technique in my arsenal.

Since this was my first project, I absolutely don't mind messing up a bit (a feeling I which I had in more of my projects, even where I'm more competent). The render took quite some time since I made the animation longer and more complex. I probably could have made it more efficient as well by adjusting some segments. Anyway, I didn't feel the need to re-render the project just because of that wonky bit in the beginning - but I'll definetely be more careful next time I start a render!

I look forward to be learning some more 3D going forwards. On to the next tutorial!

Fredrik Gustafson

Fredrik Gustafson