Jag Blev Aldrig Din - Transportstyrelsen

Change is almost always faced with resistance. The same thing occured when Sweden made it illegal to use a mobile device whilst driving. Transportstyrelsen is a government body which informs about laws and issues regarding traffic and transportation. Transportstyrelsen wanted to create a film that highlighted the dangers of driving whilst using a mobile device.

Instead of creating a film that pointed fingers and made people feel guilty, we wanted to create something relatable. Through a young couples love story we portrayed every day scenarios. We wanted to show how big part of our lives the phone has become, and all of the good things that come out of that. But also the lesser things we might not think about as much. The phone is great a lot of the time - but not whilst driving.

Hero Video
Behind The Scenes


Grete Ahlberg - Director/Editor
Fredrik Gustafson - DP/Gaffer/Colorist
Albin Falkerby - Camera Assistant





Fredrik Gustafson

Fredrik Gustafson