Film i Dalarna

Film i Dalarna is a non-profit organisation which exists to keep film and cinema alive in Dalarna.

As an organisations they have three main missions:

  1. Help films to be made
  2. Help films to be shown
  3. Educate young people about film

The organisation wanted a short video that explained their establishment.
The solution was to create a "one-take" video going through three scenes - each portraying a different branch in the organisation.

The set-design was made by the multi-talented Stina Rapp, and was obviously the star of the show.

On set we used a panther dolly with an Alexa mini and Zeiss CP.3's. For lighting we used Litepanels Gemini 2x1 and a Kino Flo 4ft 4Bank.

And this was the result!

Fredrik Gustafson

Fredrik Gustafson