Color-grading for Prevent

The last month has been filled with several different jobs and opportunities, among them has been a few color-grading projects. This post will showcase one of those projects that I have worked on. This commercial is produced by Pophunters for Prevent.


Prevent is an organisation which offers education in several different management areas. Prevent contacted Pophunters to create promotional films mainly regarding their various online courses. The concept was based on the different attires that is worn during; online courses, active online courses and classroom courses. The concept is light, funny and gets the message across very effectively.

The Look Creation

The look that was created is a modern and stylized look with some pastel tones. The footage was shot with an Alexa Mini in LOG-C. The material looks great straight out of camera after only converting the material to REC.709.


But there's always room for improvement. This look was mainly created in manipulating the blue and yellow tones.

the final look

I really like this look. However, this project reminded me how it's much easier to reach a good looking final product when your starting point is already great.

The classroom attire
The online course attire
The active online course attire
Fredrik Gustafson

Fredrik Gustafson