Color-grading for SFR

Three different spots with the same concept was created in this project for Småföretagarnas Riksförbund. Småföretagarnas Riksförbund is an organisation which exists to help small businesses in Sweden to thrive.

The concept consists of athletes preparing for action, when suddenly and old man interrupts and makes their sport much more difficult. The athletes symbolize small businesses whilst the old man symbolize the system which they struggle against. The spots are comedic whilst bringing the point across very effectively.

This project was carried out by Pophunters and the production crew was very consolidated because of covid-19. The roles were as following:

Director: Fredrik Lybeck
Cinematographer: Nicklas Karpaty
Producer: Karin Carriage
DIT: Daniel Jonsson
Camera Assistant: Fredrik Gustafson
MUA: Doa Malik

All spots were shot in Sollentuna Sport Centre during one day.

Additionally to being on the on-site production crew I was also the colorist for this project.  As a colorist I worked closely with the director to give these spots a very stylized look. The reference of what the director wanted was a "Roy Andersson look". Roy Andersson is a very know director in Sweden from both commercials and films. His look is very grungy, green and desaturated. I pulled a lot of inspiration from his commercial for Felix Ketchup.

Felix Ketchup (Director Roy Andersson)

Ofcourse, a lot of Roy's look comes from scenography, costume, composition and many more things as well - so the look we created is far from a replica. However, I am very happy that the director and clients were pleased with the look we created. I love working on heavily stylized looks - it's always a challenge to know how far you can push it. You don't want the look to grab attention and subtract from the video - you want it to supplement and add to the already established feel of the spot. And in this project I feel that we accomplished just that.

Fredrik Gustafson

Fredrik Gustafson