This website is my personal corner of the internet. This is where you will find my collection of work - both commercial and personal. Also, if you want to stay up to date with me and my work - you can subscribe in the bottom right corner to receive an e-mail notification whenever I publish something new.

about me

My main occupation is freelance video production, but I dabble in multiple creative areas. I enjoy the entire process of making films and I usually drive projects from concept to delivery. Although, I'm also experienced working on bigger productions, taking on individual roles. I have my experiences consolidated by my studies in Production of Commercials and Informations Films at university (BA).

Outside of filmmaking and photography my hobbies consists of working out, enjoying good food and watching formula 1 cars go around a circuit. I'm quite curious as a person and take every chance to travel to new places.

Currently based in Uppsala, Sweden.

I speak swedish/english.